Memorial Day Family Fun

Happy Memorial Day Meijer customers! Celebrate this exciting 3-day weekend with these fun family activities!
Visit a Historical Site
A great excursion for kids and adults! Take in a piece of history and attend an informative tour of a national park.
Barbeque, Anyone?
Since this is the “unofficial start of summer”, this is the perfect opportunity to throw a patriotic-themed party with delicious food.
Festive Patriotic Craft/Decor 
Get the kids involved in the party planning by having them create some decorative accents.
Watch a Parade
Pull out those folding chairs and get your mini flags out! If your town or city hosts Memorial Day festivites, bring the kids out to take sun in all the fun!
Send Thank You Letter to our Troops
This is a great family activity to teach the kids about the importance of Memorial Day. Gather together some fun stationery, colorful pens and pencils, and write thank you letters to the men and women who defend our country.

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