Save the Date Do’s and Don’ts

The proposal was magical and now it’s time to make the huge announcement to your friends and family. Create stunning save the date announcements to send out to loved ones at Meijer Photo

Save the Date Announcements Make a big impression with a personalized save the date announcement that complements the theme of your upcoming nuptials.

What to include?

  • Name of couple
  • The date (of course)
  • Location of wedding (if it is a destination wedding)
  • A reminder at the end letting your guest know that they can expect a formal invitation later

Who to send to?

  • Save the dates should go out to friends and family that you plan to invite to the wedding.

When to send?

  • Mail save the dates at least 6 months in advanced (prior to your weddings date). If you are planning a destination wedding, you will want to send them out earlier (at least a year) to give friends and family time to plan out their expenses.

Tip: if you haven’t decided on colors for the wedding yet, don’t worry about matching your save the dates to the future invitations. This is a great time to experiement and have fun with colors, since the save the dates are less formal.
Save the Date Announcements- Gilded EngagementSave the Date Announcement- Wreath Reminder

Save the Date Announcements

Save the Date Announcements- Modern Invite Blue

Save the Date Announcement- Seal of Approval








Save the Date Announcement- Pastel Bubble Pink Save the Date Announcements- Striped Banners Yellow

Need more ideas? Check out our Wedding Series Guide: Picking a Save the Date Card



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