Birth Announcement Wording

Discover sweet ways to announce your new bundle of joy!

Now that your little one is finally here, announce their arrival to friends and family in an exciting way. Find the perfect words to announce your baby with these tips and advice for your birth announcements.

Birth Announcements

The good news is that it doesn’t take a lot of effort to create the perfect personalized birth announcement with these helpful tips.

Who to send to?
Share your announcement with close friends and family members; those near and far.

What to include?
If you are short on time. Keep the text short and sweet. Be sure to include (at least) the following information:

  • An adorable shot of your bundle of joy
  • Baby’s full name, birth date, time of birth, weight, length
  • Mom & Dad’s name

When to send them out?
As a new parent, this might be the last thing on your mind, the best news is that birth announcements do not have to be sent out right away. The general protocol is to send them out within 6 months of baby’s arrival date.

Birth Announcement Cards

Birth Announcement Cards






Birth Annoucement CardsBirth Announcement Cards











Learn how to take the professional-quality newborn photos at home here. If greeting cards aren’t your style, check out these creative, think-out-of-the-box birth announcement magnets.

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