2017 Wedding Photography Trends

Wedding season is officially here! Check out the top wedding photography trends that you should incorporate on your big day.

Authentic MomentsSay goodbye to the classic posed photos, and hello to candid shots. This type of photography is preferred shot from a majority of photographers as it involves less work on their part. We love candid shots as they capture activities as they happen.

Black & White
Just married
Black and white shots will become more mainstream in 2017 as they add an artistic and vintage touch to any photo. We love the classic flair that black and white images give to photos.

Drone Photography
Drones allows photographer to capture everything in a single photo; people, surroundings and moments. We’re pretty sure you’ve seen it here and there, but be prepared to see more of it. Drone shots create conventional photography, while enhancing and accentuating. (How awesome would this look in a wedding album?)

Vintage Edits
Prepare to see faded colors, highlighted tones, and enhances colors in photo edits. Vintage is a HUGE trend in 2017 that most consumers are leaning towards. Not only does it transform the look and feel of photos, but gives them a classic ambiance.

Long Live Hashtags

Last year, wedding hashtags was a big trend. This year, hashtags are still going strong, but they’re getting a bit of a creative facelift. Forget just having your last name and wedding date, couples are adding a funny spin on their wedding hashtags.

A play on last names & phrases:

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