Thanksgiving Hosting 101

Are you hosting Thanksgiving for the first time? Not only is this a great honor for anyone, but it (understandably) comes with a bit of stress and anxiety. Take a deep breathe lovely Meijer Photo customers, we’re here to give you some advice for stress-free entertaining. 

Always Accept Help
Yes, you are a superstar on your own, but sometimes asking for help isn’t such a bad thing. Let friends and family contribute in whatever way they want. Trust us, you’ll be happy you took up their offer.


Delegate Like No Other
Just like accepting help, don’t be afraid of delegating chores to your loved ones. Decorating, preparing side dishes, etc.

Prep as Much as Possible
The good news is that most desserts and side dishes can be made the night before (even two days with food items such as casseroles). Prep in advance so you aren’t left with one hundred and one things to do the day of.

Have All Your Recipes Printed
Having a handy Thanksgiving themed recipe photo book comes in handy for times like this!

Cooking Photo Book Set the Table Ahead of Time
Not only will you be able to take your time adding personal touches to the décor, it’s one more task that you can check off your list. Learn how to make festive photo napkins rings to liven up your table here!

Photo Napkin Rings

Leftover Station
This by far has to be the most genius idea! Make cleaning up easy by setting up a table with disposable Tupperware (that can be found at your local dollar store), freezer and sandwich bags. Or ask guest to BYOB, “bring their own bowl”.  After dinner, your guests can pack their own doggy bags to go!

From our Meijer Photo family to yours, we wish you a safe and Happy Thanksgiving!

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