Greeting Cards Wreath

Turn your piles of holiday cards into a stylish home décor. Not only is this a clever way to display cards, but a festive décor that displays your beautiful friends and family!

Holiday Greeting Card Wreath


Plastic or foam wreath (in size of your choice)
Hot glue gun
Holiday cards
Ribbon (in color of your choice; used to cover wreath and hang)
Hanging hook


Step 1
Wrap the wreath with the ribbon and secure with the glue.

Step 2
Add a dab of glue on to the back of each holiday card and arrange to your liking. We like layering the cards as it gives a great effect and it’s a clever way to add a lot of cards on to one wreath.

Step 3
Hang your greeting card wreath in a place of your choosing. We suggest not hanging it outside since it may get damaged due to the weather. The best part of this DIY is that you there is no limit to what size card can be used.



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