Fall Activity: The Apple Orchard

There is something enchanting about the changing seasons. The cool, crisp air and the excitement around the soon-to-be family gatherings for the upcoming holiday festivities. We don’t know about you, but something about fall screams fun times at the apple orchard. If you are anything like us Midwesterners, a visit to the apple orchard is a must during the fall season. Learn how to make the best out of your apple picking excursion with these tips!

family walks through the apple orchard

Bring a Basket!
Just in case your local orchard doesn’t provide bags for your apples. Plus, they are a great addition to photos!

Breathtaking Photos
What better opportunity to take amazing photos than at the apple orchard? The abundant amount of colors and tones from the grass to the trees are the perfect backdrop for any photo. After you’re done snapping beautiful pictures, easily upload them from your mobile phone to the Meijer Photo App. You can conveniently order prints using and pick up at the nearest Meijer location!

Avoid Direct Sunlight
While we are on the subject of taking pictures, here’s a bonus tip! The best part about being at the apple orchard is that you can always find shaded areas thanks to the trees. Pro tip: cloudy days produce the best pictures because there are no harsh shadows from the sun.

Be Au Naturale
While this setting is great for family portraits, don’t turn a fun family outing into a full-on photoshoot. Snap pictures of the kids running in the fields, climbing the trees, eating apples… having fun!

Have a Picnic
Food at the orchard can get pricey. Save a little by bringing snacks and a cooler with a drinks. Double bonus! If you do plan on buying edible souvenirs, the cooler can come in handy to keep them safe. And don’t forget a blanket!

Family at picnic

Apple Picking Tips
– Choose apples that are in season. Your local orchard can provide you with information on what apples are ready to be picked
– Find apples that are perfect for cooking, baking, and of course eating!
– Avoid picking bruised apples
– Twist the apple when picking, rather than pulling straight down
– Leave the stems on to apples to store them for a bit longer

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