Creative Shots: Perfect Instagram Picture

With more than 300 million active users, Instagram is an ever growing app that almost everyone has on their phone. With the rising popularity of Instagram, we thought it was only fitting to share our top 5 creative shot tips on how to take the perfect Instagram pictures.

Instagram Picture

As odd as it sounds, avoid using the Instagram app to take pictures. Your phone camera has more useful tools than the app does (zoom, grid view). Try using other apps to keep your colors more accurate, such as Rookie, which has advanced functions like white balance and shutter speed.

Instagram Filter

Take a lot of pictures, it’s very unlikely that you’ll get the perfect shot the first try. Take multiple shots and choose your favorite one out of all of them.

Instagram Picture

Use multiple apps to edit your photos. We would consider this to be an industry secret. News alert! Your favorite celebrities on Instagram, do not look as perfect as they appear. Many of them use free apps such as YouCam Perfect, Perfect365, and VSCOcam to edit their pictures.

Make your photos pop by altering the warmth and saturation. Not only does this sharpen your images, but also brings out details that may go unnoticed.

Instagram PictureWhile selfies are the most popular pictures to take, go beyond a random self-portrait in the bathroom. Sometimes the most random pictures are the best ones. Go out and take a picture of nature, find a photogenic food dish that will make your Instagram followers drool.

Instagram Picture














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