Back To College: Dorm Tips

Budget-friendly and innovative ideas to make your dorm feel like home.

College is almost back in session! The return of sleepless nights, expensive textbooks, and dorm life! Here are our tips on how to turn your bland dorm room into your home away from home.

Accents Walls
Sets a focal point to any room. Canvases adds a dramatic effect and make the room pop.

Accents Walls

College-Friendly Frames
Create custom “frames” using colorful and patterned Washi tape that is easy to put on and peel off. Simply choose a handful of your favorite prints and frame using Washi tape. Get create and make different geometric shapes!
College-Friendly FramesInstagram Magnets
A great addition to any whiteboard or chalkboard, but even better for displaying your favorite Instagram memories. Learn how to make your own Instagram magnets here!
Instagram MagnetsPersonalized Pieces
A dorm is basically a blank canvas that you can transform to your own personal space. Add personalized piece such as floor mats, pillows and blankets to create homey environment.

Personalized Pieces

The College Diet
Not many college students have a lot of money to spend on food; hence the ramen noodle diet. Skip the MSG-packed meal and find a healthier alternative. Utilize the microwave in your dorm room by making mug meals! Not only are they cheap and way healthier, but you can easily find recipes online.

11oz mug

11 oz mug





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