Back to College: The Ultimate Guide to Staying Sane & Organized

Tips and tricks from a recent college graduate who is an organizational aficionado.

Class is almost back in session. It’s time to get back into school-mode and prepare for the new year! We have advice straight from a recent college grad on how to stay organized along with random tips to use throughout the year.

  • What is your number one, absolute, must have for staying organized?
    • A planner! It helps you stay organized from the first to last day of school. As a college student, you have a lot on your plate, and relying on your memory is an ineffective way to keep track of everything on your to-do list.

Tip: Custom calendars make great planners and are available in a variety of layouts!

Personalized College Planner

  • What advice can give students about smart study habits?
    • On the first day of class, break down and analyze every syllabus. Not only is it great for preplanning assignments way before they are due, but it helps you get a head of class schedule. Sticking to a consistent study schedule is very important. Finding the perfect balance between work and fun as a college student is key to staying sane. Set aside time for studying (on a daily basis) and be consistent.


  • Recommendations on how to achieve the right amount of work/life balance?
    • Stay on top of responsibilities by setting reminders on your phone. Sometimes you just might look over a big assignment in your planner and not even realize it. You will have very late night studying, you might forget to do or turn in an assignment. That’s just life. But, setting a reminder in your phone can definitely help with this!
  • Benefit of being organized?
    • Eliminates the stress. The last thing you want to do is show up to class and find out that you had a huge assignment due. Keeping track of all your assignments and weekly activities will for sure keep you from crashing.
  • How did you learn how to stay sane throughout the school year?
    • Color code like no other and utilize dry erase or chalkboards! Although it might seem nerdy, color coding your planner will be your holy grail. A dry erase board is awesome for jotting down notes and reminders. College life is hectic and any type of organization is key to staying sane. Your class schedule is super crazy too, keep yourself organized by assigning a particular color to each class.

Tip: acrylics prints act as a DIY photo dry erase boards!

  • Organization is more than keeping your classes and assignments in order, what else needs to be in order?
    • Keeping your room clean. As strange as it may sound, the cleanliness of your room can for sure affect the way you organize your life. A messy room means that you will most likely spend a lot of precious time searching for things.










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