Smartphone Photography in a Restaurant

Whether you’re a food enthusiast that absolutely loves to share your favorite dishes, or a restaurateur that is constantly sharing on social media, learn how to take the best photos using your smartphone!

Smartphone Photography

Take the Flash Off
If you are in a restaurant with decent lighting, avoid using the flash, it is way too harsh and ruins the integrity of the photo. You end up having a drab-looking picture that lacks color and intensity. Plus, you don’t need to let everyone in the restaurant know that you’re taking a picture. Just use an editing app to fix the photo afterwards.

Photo with Flash
Photo with Flash
Photo without Flash and Editing App
Photo without Flash and Editing App











Top-Down Method
Traditionally used in most photos, which is when the main dish is the center of attention. The height will depend on the size of the frame.

Top-Down Method

Close Up
Don’t be afraid to get on in there! Show the beauty of your dish by choose one particular ingredient to keep your focus on.

Smartphone Photohraphy-Close Up Shot

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Most of people take and post pictures of their food while they are still in the restaurant. Taking pictures during breakfast or lunch is probably the best times, as the restaurant will have better natural light from the windows. While we don’t recommend doing this in an intimate restaurant, if you absolutely have to take a snap of your dish during dinner time, use your camera’s flashlight to get the best picture.


Be Quick
The last thing you want is a picture of melted ice cream. Don’t take a long time to take the perfect shot, especially if you are in a restaurant. Don’t make your dinner guest wait to eat their meal.

White Napkin
If you really want to get fancy, use your white napkin to reflect light ad fill in dark areas.


Photo Editing Apps
Edit away using apps that can easily enhance your photos!  Add filter, adjust the exposure, shadows, highlights, temperature, etc.

Original Image
Original Image
Edited Version







Straight as Possible
Avoid taking pictures at a slanted angles. Keep your camera straight, by using your elbows as a tripod.

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