Chic and Modern Nursery Decorations: Wall Decor

Congrats on your soon-to-be bundle of joy! A nursery is where you will spend most of your time with all the late night feedings, the many diaper changes, and playtime. If you are a first-time parent, decorating your little one’s nursery can be tricky. Every parent wants their baby’s room to be perfect, down to the very last detail, but where exactly should you start? Get inspired with these nursery wall décor ideas!

Baby Nursery

You don’t want the nursery to be overly kiddie, but yet not too grown-up. Wall décor is an inexpensive way to change the mood of any room, while adding personality and character. One important thing to keep in mind, is to create a room that is warm and cozy, with decorative pieces that can last well into their toddler years.

Pattern & Color = Personality
Use the artwork as inspiration on how to design the nursery. They don’t have to be baby-themed, they can be colorful and whimsical. We love the idea of canvasing quotes too!

Nursery Decor

Panel Canvas
Use panel canvases to frame your favorite photo of your precious little bundle.
Nursery Decor

Clothesline Prints
Choose a selection of prints, such as farm animals, and hang them on a rod using clothespins. Choose a theme and let the artwork be the focal point of the room.
Nursery Decor

Sometime less is more. Avoid strong red tones and stick to a hue color scale. Newborns can only see gray, black and white; soft tones tend to be more pleasing to their eyes.
Nursery Decor

Here’s some bonus tips:

  • Coordinate your wall art with the theme of the room to add a touch of sophistication
  • Use a wall decal monogram for a classic look
  • Try not to overdo it. If you put too much thought into it, it will become overly complicated

Happy Decorating!

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