Creative Shots: Professional-Quality Newborn Photos at Home

Learn how to take professional quality photos at home without having to spend a lot on a photographer. 

Challenging and rewarding at the same time, newborn photos are excellent for freezing your little miracle in a time that speeds by faster than you know it. Newborn shots are typically taken when baby is around two weeks old or less. This is when they are the most sleepy and tolerant to be shifted around a bit. Here are some tips on how to capture your sweet bundle of joy at home.


Be Patient
Your little client controls every aspect of the photo shoot. Quite honestly, you’re at the mercy of your precious mini-me. From how long the photo shoot will take, to the position that they want to stay in; they’re the boss of this shoot! If they get too fussy, don’t keep pushing to get the perfect shot. Take a break, whether it’s an hour or a few days. This actually works out better, as it gives you the opportunity to capture them while they are awake and asleep.

Newborn baby boy

Happy Baby, Means Happy You
To ensure that you have a productive day, make sure that your baby is conformable. Try shooting between their breakfast and/or lunch. Set the room to the perfect temperature for them and have cozy blankets and a bottle nearby!

Portrait of a Bundled Up Newborn Baby Boy


Details, Details, Details
Just about everything about a baby is sticking cute! Document your little bundle’s sweet details that are too darn precious to ignore. Chubby cheeks, tiny feet and hands, their crinkly little nose. Up-close shots are perfect to capture these areas.

Baby 4Baby Hands






Get Involved
Of course your little one is the center of attention, but don’t forget to include siblings, yourself, and your significant other.

Big Brother Looking at Newborn Baby with Love


Keep It Simple
Keep your background simple. Choose light colors and only a few pieces of furniture in your photos. A bed, crib, or even a blanket on the ground are all great backdrops to keep your newborn the focal point.


Skip the Flash
Choose a room in your home that has good natural light that will compliment your neutral background. This helps eliminate the need to use flash that could wake your baby up.

Baby 6

Complex Poses
Leave the complicated poses to the professionals. Please don’t try to out your little one in a field of grass or basket, (something that you see professional photographers do). Keep your baby in the comfort of their own home and pick poses that they naturally put themselves in.

Newborn Girl Swaddled in a Blanket


Au Naturale?
If you’re opting to have your baby go au naturale, be sure to crank that heat up! Anywhere between 75 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit is the most comfortable for them.


Print Those Babies Out!
Whether you make prints, frame the images, create your own custom photo book or canvas, put those photos to good use! We love this idea of grouping together a variety of canvases in the baby’s nursery.

Baby Nursery Canvas

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