Wedding Series: Bachelorette Party Survival Kit

Wedding Series: Advice straight from a bride in the Midwest planning her July wedding. 

So you’re getting hitched! It’s time for one last fling before the ring! What better excuse to celebrate your upcoming nuptials,  than with a spectacular bachelorette party! Get the party started the right way by preparing your friends with the quintessential bachelorette party survival kit. But, before we get to the list, be sure to send out a unique invitation that’s as fabulous as you!
Bachelorette Party 2

  • Personalized Photo Button– you’ll want all your ladies to represent you!
    Bacehlorette Party Photo Button
  • Water- it’s super important to stay hydrated throughout the night
  • Snacks- for the late night munchies
  • Aspirin- don’t let a headache get in the way of a fun night
  • Facial Wipes- let’s be real, you and your friends might not have the energy to wash off makeup at the end of the night
  • Camera/Cellphone- to capture every fun moment
  • Thank You Cards– Don’t forget to show your appreciation for your friends with a personalize card
  • Hand Sanitizer- trust us, you’ll thank us later
  • Band-Aids- accidents happen
  • Flats- because you never know with heels; by the end of the night, those dogs will be barking

Don’t forget that you can easily upload your images from your social media accounts on our website or from snap to order using our Meijer App and easily order prints at your local Meijer store or online!

As the wedding day soon approaches, the countless amount of things to get done starts to pile up (like a ridiculous amount of things to do!), but remember that a wedding isn’t just all work and no play. Have fun with it! After all it’s a celebration of you and your significant other!

Until next time,
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