DIY Photo Booth

Whether it be a wedding reception, birthday party or baby shower , no party is complete without a photo booth. Not only are they fun and entertaining for the party goers, but they make an awesome keepsake! Skip renting an expensive photo booth and create your own one-of-a-kind booth with these tips!

Photo Booth

Here’s how to do it:

First, you’ll need a remote shutter that will allow your guest to take their own photos. Set your camera up on a tripod so that it sits at eye level. If there isn’t good lighting, try using an umbrella light that will add a nice glow to your guests’ photos.

Don’t go out and purchase an expensive camera if you don’t have one, have your guest take the photos using their smartphone and ask them to share via social media with a unique hashtag that you create. That way you will be able to gather all the pictures together and make prints at your convenience. Bonus Tip: If your guest want copies of the prints, upload the images into a file sharing account and share the link with friends and family to download.

One of the most important aspects of a photo booth is the backdrop. It adds color and personality to the photos. Create a fun background by hanging a variety of ribbon or crepe paper on twine. Choose a blank wall space or if your party is outdoors, use the trees to hang your backdrop. Take it a step further by adding a few paper lanterns or make your own crepe paper flowers.
Photo Booth BackdropProps
Props are a huge part of a photo booth because they add tons of fun for your guests. Check out your local dollar store for some awesome finds! Sunglasses, party hats, streamer, balloons, floral leis, and toys, all make great props. You can easily customize your props to the theme of the party by choosing a particular color scheme or go crazy and choose a bunch of random pieces.
Photo Booth

Cutout Frames
Frames add a great additional element. Make your own custom frame from cardboard. Simply cut a large piece of cardboard to your desired size and personalize it by adding the event name and date.
Frame Cutout

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