DIY Photo Letter Stands

Celebrate your top Pop, Grandpa or Uncle with a handmade photo letter stand.

Photo Letter Blocks Grandpa

Dad. The best corny joke-teller. The one who can fix just about anything in the house (or at least tries to). And the king of retro dance moves.

Father’s Day is THIS Sunday. Like two days away! If you’re scrambling with the kids to find a last minute gift for Dad, Grandpa, or a special Uncle, we have a fun and easy do it yourself photo letter stand gift.

Photo Letter Block Dad

To make these letter stands, here is what you will need:


Block Letters in sizes of your choice, can be found at your local craft supply store
Prints (size suggestions: 4×4 square prints or 4×6 prints)
Hot glue gun
Mini Clothes pins
Cut out decorations, optional (to hide the clothespins)


Step 1
Depending on the material of the letter blocks, you can decorate them to your liking. If you get wood letters, have the kids decorate them with paint.

Step 2
Hot glue the mini clothespins to the top of the letters. Once it has dried, clip on the prints.

Step 3
If you want, you can cover up the clothespins with cut out decorative pieces.

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