Tips for Designing Your First Photo Book

Have you been wanting to make a photo book, but need a little inspiration on what to put in it? Here are some design ideas and tips to get you started!

Choose a Theme
Idea: vacation pictures, family photos, baby’s 1st year, graduation photos, highlights from the year, family recipes, or seasonal pictures.

Photo Book TipsTell a Story
Organize your pictures so they tell a story from start to finish.

Photo Book Tips 2Select a Book
We have a variety of books for you to choose from with an assortment of page ranges. Choose from our standard book, classic photo book, hard custom cover book, lay flat books, miscellaneous photo books or our signature collection photo books.

Photo Book Tips 3Switch up the Templates
Rather than sticking to one picture on each page, change it up a bit by adding multiple pictures and alter the format.

Photo Book Tips 4To Include Text or Not?
If including a small caption adds something to the photo, then go for it! For example, you may want to include a header if you’re making a photo book with the kid’s photos and want to include dates, locations, or details of the event.

Photo Book Tips 5Pick the Perfect Cover
The image on the front will perfectly fit the theme of your book without having to describe it with any text. Choose a single image that represents the purpose of your book.

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