Creative Shots: Memorial Day

For many, Memorial Day is the official holiday that kicks off the start of summer. A 3-day weekend filled with family time, barbeques, outdoors recreation and a day to remember those who are no longer around. See our list of shots, that you don’t want to miss this Memorial Day!

Memorial Day-Family

Family Activities
This is a great time to capture family moments since everyone is together; be sure to snap pictures of your fun-filled day. The kids running around, adults playing bean bag toss, the Memorial Day parade; document everything throughout the day.

Kids Activites

Impromptu Family Photos
Since everyone is already together, what better opportunity than now to do a group shot?

Three Generation Family

Food Shots
You’ve spent half the day slaving away on the barbeque, be sure to snap pictures of your delicious feast!

Snacks on a grill

Kids Eating WatermelonPay Tribute
No matter how you plan on spending your day, take some time to remember the fallen soldiers who have fought for our country.

Memorial Day-Vet

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