Cardboard Ring Collage

A new spin on the classic photo collage display.

It’s fair to call this DIY eco-friendly and the perfect way to reuse and repurpose…are you ready for this? Cardboard rings! Whether it comes from tissue papers, toilet paper or shipping tubes, this fun DIY is a creative photo collage.

Cardboard Ring Collage


Prints (the exact number will depend on the size of your display; we used 11)
Cardboard, in a variety of sizes
X-acto Knife
Push Pins
Small Nails


Step 1
Using the X-acto knife, cut 1 inch rings out of the cardboard.

Step 2
Using the ring as a frame, place over the print and trace around the part of the image that you want to be displayed.

Step 3
Cut the images out and paste onto the cardboard using the glue. Tip: Attach some images to the back of the cardboard and others to the front, this helps add dimension to your collage.

Step 4
Before putting the collage on the wall, arrange them on a table to figure out the desired shape. They can be grouped together in small or large groups, but be sure to spread them sporadically.

Step 5
After the glue has dried, attach to your desired wall by hanging the rings over the push pins and nails.

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