Wedding Series: Picking a Save the Date Card

Wedding Series: Advice straight from a bride in the Midwest planning her July wedding.

Picking a Save the Date Card from a Bride’s Perspective

While some may think choosing a save the date card is easy peasy, coming from a bride, this is just one of the MANY major decisions in the process of planning a wedding. Let’s be real, this isn’t just a card, this is the officially card announcing your wedding to the world! Okay, maybe not the world, just to friends and family, but still, it’s your way of sharing your momentous, huge, exciting, thrilling, life-changing announcement with loved ones!

Choosing the right save the date card doesn’t have to be difficult. Here’s are some ideas and inspirations to help make that decision just a little bit easier!

Colors, Colors, Colors!
At this point, you may or may not have colors picked out. If you do, here’s a suggestion, save those colors for your wedding invitation. Save the date cards build suspense, while adding a little variation to your wedding.
Lovely Heart
Bookmark Invitation Green Vintage Hearts






Have fun with your save the dates, include subtle hints to the theme of your wedding. If you’re having a spring wedding, choose a save the date with beautiful pastel colored flowers.
Chalkboard BouquetEnchanting Flower GreenOr if you plan on having a black-tie affair, a simple, yet classic card like these are great choices.


Gilded Engagement

Curly Letter






If you’re looking for a unique card, a fun, playful save the date, such as this one, is perfect for a Parisian themed wedding.

Bicycle Built for Two

Ask for Opinions
Please, please, please, involve your significant other! Even if you’re a super over-compulsive control freak, step back and let them have equal say in the decision making. After all, this is their special day too! Just like a marriage, this isn’t just a one way street. Ask for their opinion and take their advice into consideration.


Make a List
When it comes to choosing styles or designs, it can be a bit overwhelming with all the choices available. Try creating a list of 5 cards that you like and give yourself a deadline (a week at the most) to when you should have it narrowed down to a list of 3 cards that you absolutely love. This is a great way to quickly eliminate cards that just don’t make the cut and help you quickly make a decision.

To include an image or not to?
If you are short on time and haven’t had the chance to take engagement pictures yet, then you probably will opt out of including a photo, but if you do have image(s), put them to use! We love collage save the dates that showcase multiple images.

Sketched Floral

Flowery Script Green


Striped Banners Yellow

Modest Request Green












It Isn’t Right!
Just remember that there is no right or wrong decision, pick something that both you and your fiance love. And if you really don’t like it, guess what? You can always have a re-do with your wedding invitations!

Until next time,
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