Engagement Session 101

Engagement photos capture this special time in your life and announce your happy news to friends and family.

Don’t skip out on taking engagement pictures. Not only are they great as keepsakes, but you can also creatively use them on your save the dates, thank you cards, wedding day décor, and home décor. We also love it because it a great way to test drive your photographer before the big day and get more familiar with their style of shooting.

Shoot Outdoors
Engagment Photo Outdoor

Don’t coop yourself up in a studio with a plain backdrop, go outside! Natural scenery not only looks great in photos, but it gives you the ability to move around and have more settings to work with.

Don’t be Afraid to Show Affection
Engagement SessionShowcase your love for one another! After all it’s what brought you two together.

Coordinate Your Outfits
Engagement Photo
Have two sets of clothes that complement each other; one casual and formal.

Be Playful
Engagement Photo
These tend to be the best pictures because they are more natural, and less generic. Don’t be afraid to be playful and silly. You’d be surprise by the picture magic!

Try Not to Stage Your Poses
Engagement Photo
Any great photographer will tell you to not fake a smile for the camera. Our tip is to try ignore the photographer. As odd as it may sound, you’ll see that when you don’t focus all your attention on the photographer, the pictures come out more relaxed and casual.

Display Your Ring
Engagment Photo Ring
Not much needed to be said here. Each ring is unique, be sure to capture pictures of it.

Dress Appropriately Based on the Season

Engagement PhotoWinter: Long sleeves and cozy warm sweaters. The last thing you want is to be freezing and miserable while taking pictures.

Engagment Photo Spring

Spring: light pastel color clothing. For the ladies, flowy dresses and for the guys, khakis and a dress shirt with rolled up sleeves.
Engagement Photo SummerSummer: embrace the warm weather by wearing shorts, t-shirts for the guys and flowery summer dresses for the ladies. Avoid wearing heavy formal wear in the hot weather.

Engagement Photo FallFall: as the leaves start turning and the weather shifts from hot to chilly, wear clothing that compliments your surrounding such as warm colors and a light coat.

Make Your Own Prints

Engagement photo session can be pricey. Avoid spending additional money by printing off your own pictures! Ask your photographer to transfer your photos to a USB hard drive or CD. Meijer Photo allows you to make prints in sizes ranging from 4×6 to 20×30, collages, photo books, and other personalized products.

Engagement Photo

Need some more inspiration on how to use your engagement pictures? Check out our Meijer Photo Blog’s Wedding Series for some awesome ideas!




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