Pregnancy Progression Photo Book

Document your baby bump progression in a timeless photo book keepsake!Pregnancy Progression Photo Book

Let’s be honest, pregnancy comes with its many perks, filled with a lot of smiles and happiness, but it also has its not-so-pretty days. Between the food cravings, mood swings, and weight gain, it may seem to be a long journey, but just thinking about the sweet, angelic face that you are patiently (or impatiently) waiting for, is all worth it in the end. If you were to search for ‘weekly bump pictures’ on just about any social media sites, you’d probably be surprised to see the thousands of belly shots floating around. The selfie trend has been taken to a whole other level as soon-to-be mommies are snapping their ever growing bumps and sharing them on social media. And why wouldn’t it be a popular trend? Pregnancy is a beautiful life event that deserves to be documented in a special way!

Pregnancy Progression Photo Book

Turn your glowing bump into the perfect keepsake to cherish those forever memories. Each baby bump is one-of-a-kind: big to little bumps, high to low bumps, light to dark bumps. All symbolize a wonderful new chapter in your life. While it may not seem like it, your pregnancy will fly by faster than you think. A pregnancy progression photo book is a great way to get creative with all those baby bump pictures. Reminisce about your pregnancy journey and share your progression with friends and family; each photo book can be easily customized to your liking.

Pregnancy Progression Photo Book

Here are some of our tips on how to get the perfect baby bump selfie:

Show off That Belly!
You’re an awesome superhero with another living LIFE in you! Be proud of your growing bump by showing it off. Whether it be bare bump or covered in a flattering outfit (bump friendly, of course), don’t be afraid to flaunt that belly!

The Right Location
Finding the right place in your home to take your pictures will comes down to one thing, lighting. This is key to taking the perfect pictures. Whether it be in the living room or even the bedroom, good lighting will help make any picture look 100 times better. Here’s a bonus tip, use the room that gets the most natural light to get the best pictures.

Get Creative
Include a small description of your most recent cravings, dislikes, weight, size of baby, etc.

It Takes Two!
Avoid the typical bathroom mirror selfie by getting your significant other involved. While this may not qualify as a ‘selfie’, having another person help, is a great way get better quality photos.

*A very special thanks to mommy blogger, Amy Walker from Runaway Teacher for allowing us to use her images and content for the photo book!

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