Photo Chandelier

A creative, think-out-of-the-box way to display your photos at home.

Need a new way to display your pictures? This photo chandelier is a fun, yet sophisticated way to display your favorite pictures. A very versatile DIY that can be used for just about any occasion such as graduation, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day or even as a creative room décor. The best part about this project is that you can always swap out the pictures with different prints as often as you want.

Photo Chandelier


Wooden embroidery loops in 3 different sizes (can be found at your local craft store)
Mini clothespins
Hot glue gun
Wire (to attach loops together)
Prints (in size of your choice)


Step 1
Using the hot glue gun, attach the mini clothespins to each of the wooden embroidery loops. There is no exact amount here. It will depend on how many images you want to attach to each loop. We recommend choosing prints in an assortment of orientations (landscape and portrait) to add variation to the photo chandelier. Just be sure to leave a enough amount of space between each clothespin for the prints.

Step 2
Attach the loops to one another using the wire.

Step 3
Clip your prints onto the wooden embroidery loop and arrange to your liking.

Bonus Tips: Take it a step further by spray painting the ring to your favorite color, or mix up it up a bit by including cut-out shapes in between the pictures.


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