Creative Shots: Selfie Etiquette

Get our insider tips and tricks to taking the perfect selfie!

It’s fair to say that the word “selfie” is a cultural phenomenon. It was even named ‘word of the year’ by the Oxford Dictionary in 2013 and gained a spot in the Merriam-Webster 2014 list of new words!

Admit it, you’re guilty of taking one too many selfies. 95% of Americans admit to have taken at least one selfie and those same people will take 25,676 selfies during their entire lifetime! Maybe you were having a good hair day or just feeling really great about your outfit that day. There’s no shame in taking a selfie of your fabulous self, but being guilty of taking a bad selfie is a crime people have committed too often. We’ve got a few tips on how to take the perfect selfies!
Selfie EtiquetteLighting is key! When it comes to taking selfies, natural light is your best friend. It gives a more natural look and softens the skin, as compared to flash photos. It also eliminates dark shadows.

Selfie Etiquette 5

Angle matters! Before beginning, determine what your best side is. As vain as it may sound, we all have a ‘good’ side. Choosing the right angle to take your picture plays an important role when trying to take the perfect selfie. Angle your phone at a 45 degree angle from your chest to sharpen your jawline and makes eyes appear larger.
Group Selfie

Skip the back camera! Although the back camera takes sharper images, for the purpose of a selfie, using the front camera allows you to see yourself and adjust to accommodate to your surroundings.
Couples Selfie

Be yourself! Whether it’s your bright, shining smile, a silly laugh, or serious face, don’t be afraid to be yourself! But please, no duck faces.
Selfie Etiquette 3Don’t just stop at one! Take multiple selfies to ensure you get the perfect shots. This includes taking adventurous shots in nature (but please be sure to waterproof your phone first).
Selfie Etiquette 4Edit away! Use editing apps to improve pictures by adjusting lighting and contrast to flatter your images.










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