Wedding Series: 2016 Wedding Trends You Should Follow

Wedding Series: Advice straight from a bride in the Midwest planning her July wedding.

Personalized Save the Dates
Chalkboard designs, geometric shapes, such as chevron, and floral are among the top three design trends for save the date cards. Each design has its own unique touch, with simple, yet chic layouts. Design your save the date by adding your own special customized personal touch.

Refined Scribbles-Save the DatePainted Chevrons Pink-Save the DateGarden of Wonder- Save the Date

Food Stations
Say goodbye to the classic formal, sit down dinner and hello to trendy ‘build-it-yourself’ food stations. Not only is this a great way to customize the food selections to the bride and groom’s liking, but also fun and interactive for guests. Whether it’s a build-it-yourself mashed potatoes stations, a burger bar, soup stations, or even a mac and cheese bar, your wedding guests will love the ability to choose their own food.

Food Station

Passed Hors d’oeuvres & Desserts
Another take on adding personality to your menu. Most catering services now offer a variety of finger food selections at affordable prices, as compared to sit down dinners. The perfect way to give guests food options to choose from, plus save a lot on your food budget!

Passes Hors d'oeuvres

Passes Hors d'oeuvres

Buttercream Is In, Fondant Is Out
While fondant is appealing to the eye, it’s not so quite delicious on the palette. This craze is far out the door. Glucose, glycerin, and tons of confectioner sugar are just some of the few unnatural ingredients in fondant icing. Bride are requesting buttercream icing for its organic finish, minimal ingredients and not to mention, the fact that it’s a lot more budget friendly.

Buttercream Wedding Cake

Not a frosting person? Totally fine! The unfrosted cake is all the rage for 2016! Especially if you plan on having a rustic-themed wedding!  A natural looking cake, with a mousse and berry filling is just as good as an all-over iced cake.
Unfrosted Wedding Cake

Mismatched Bridesmaid Dresses
Matching bridesmaid dresses are so last year! The days of each bridesmaid essentially having to wear the same dress is no longer popular. Brides are letting their special wing-women choose their own colors variation (similar to the wedding colors) and styles that are flattering to each girl’s body type. Even better, bridesmaids are can wear their dresses more than once (since it’s probably something that they like) and the different color variations look great in pictures!

Mismatch Wedding Bridesmaids

Candid Shots, not Formal
Pictures tell a story with all the emotions. With all the festivities and hecticness on the big day, couples tend to miss candid moments from family members. Ask your photographer to capture those happy moments on your big day. Couples care less about the formal shots with the family and are requesting candid shots that might not be seen by everyone. The emotions of the bride and groom after the ceremony, tearful parents throughout the ceremony, and even awesome guest dance moves.

Candid Shot

Just about everyone nowadays has an Instagram account. Create your own unique wedding hashtag and ask your guest to tag you in the photos. It’s a great way to see moments that you may have missed and an excellent photo bank to store all your favorite memories. Here’s a tip, use your names and/or wedding date or get super creative and include the theme of your wedding.

Hashtag SignUntil next time,
Midwest Bride Signature



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