Canvas Family Tree

A new spin on traditional wall décor, a canvas family tree adds the perfect touch of personalization and uniqueness to your home.

Generations of treasured family photos are something that we all cherish and value. They remind us of happy times with loved ones, those with us and those who have left. They document each stage of life, major milestones and special occasions. Timeless photos should be seen and shared, not thrown into albums to forever be forgotten. Share your family’s history in an intricate and modern artistic display. The perfect alternative to expensive artwork, a canvas family tree is a beautiful wall art addition to any room in your home.

Create a canvas family tree with these quick and easy steps. Use a tree decal of your choice as the backdrop to your photos.

Canvas Family Tree

Here are some tips to make the most out of your family tree:

  • Rather than choosing random pictures, pick pictures that all cohesive go with one another
  • Tell a story with your family tree
  • Create a theme to tie all the pictures together
  • Choose a variety of sizes and even different colors (black and white, sepia, color)
  • Add your family name to the roots of the tree decal or at the trunk for an added personalized touch.

*This can also be made with frames of different sizes and shapes.*




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