Footprint Easter Bunny

Hoppy Easter! Spring is here and Easter is right around the corner! It’s the perfect time to enjoy delicious food, egg hunt with the kids, and of course spend quality time with friends and family. Today, we’re showing you an egg-cellent Easter activity for your little ones, a Footprint Easter Bunny!

Footprint Easter Bunny


Construction paper for the body, in color(s) of your choice
White construction paper or printer paper for footprints
Stamp pad or paint for footprints, color of your choice
Cotton balls
Prints, size of your choice
Wet wipes (for easy clean up)


Step 1
This will probably be best part of the project for the kids. Have them stamp their footprints, one at a time, onto a piece of paper. Note: you should have two sets of footprints, one set for the ears and the other for the feet. Use the wet wipes to clean their little feet and avoid cute footprints all over your floor. After it has dried, cut along the perimeter of the footprints and set aside.

Step 2
Using the construction paper, cut out an oval for the body of the bunny. Then cut your prints to a desired size. Paste your print to another piece of construction paper and cut it out so you have around 1 1/2 inch border surrounding the picture.

Step 3
Attach the face to the body of bunny. Attach one set of footprints as the ears to the bunny.

Step 4
Glue tons and tons of cotton balls on the body and around the face and ears.

Step 5
Glue the second set of footprints to the base of the bunny and ta-da! Your very own Footprint Easter Bunny!


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