Graduation Photo Wreath

What do you get when you combine printed pictures, an old pool noodle, construction paper and duct tape? An amazing graduation party decoration!

Graduation Wreath

A new spin on the classic bulletin board collage at most grad parties, this commemorative graduation wreath is very inexpensive and is a super easy to make.


Old pool noodle or foam wreath form
Duct tape, if using the pool noodle
Drop cloth or ribbon, enough to wrap the circle
Cardstock paper, in color of your choice, cut into 7 ½ inch square
5 prints, in sizes of your choice
1 metal fastener or button
Graduation tassel
Construction paper, to paste prints on, can be in any color of your choice
Double Sided Tape
Hot glue gun


Step 1
If you are using a pool noodle, cut it to the desired size of wreath and tape the ends with the duct tape.

Step 2
Wrap the circle up with the drop cloth or ribbon. Use the hot glue gun to secure it.

Step 3
Use the construction paper to create makeshift frames for each of your prints. The size will depend on the size of your prints. We recommend not using any prints larger than 4×6. Tip: Try sticking to two sizes.

Step 4
The amount of prints that you will be able to add to the wreath will depend on the size of the prints.

Step 5
To make the cap: glue the metal fastener in the middle the 7 ½ inch cardstock square. Hang the tassel onto fastener.

Step 6
Arrange your prints on the wreath beforehand to figure out the shape and then you’re ready start gluing! Be sure to leave the top or bottom (if you choose) empty for the cap.

Step 7
Glue the cap in your desired spot.

This wreath can be hung like a traditional wreath using a command hook. You can also personalize it even more by adding the graduate’s name and year using pre-cut letters that can be found at your local craft store or make them out of construction paper.



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