Creative Shots: Graduation Photos

They did it! Your grad has worked super hard and deserves all the attention! Watch them walk victoriously across the stage, proudly wearing their cap and gown to accept their diploma. Graduation is a special time in anyone’s life, whether you are the graduate or the grad’s relative, this is a huge milestone you will want to remember. Make your pictures shine with these 10 helpful graduation photo tips.

Creative Shot: Grad Photo Tips

Check your Gear
The night before the ceremony be sure to make sure that your batteries are fully charged. And please, bring a backup pair. Also, double check your memory card and be sure that it is empty. The last thing you want is for your camera to die and not save your pictures.

The graduation ceremony provides a number of excellent photo opportunities. Capture the excitement, tears, funny faces, high-fiving, and other emotions throughout the ceremony and after.

CS: Graduation Photo TipsAngle Matters
Find the right angle or angles to capture the moment your graduate approaches the stage, receives their diploma, and walks off.

Grad 3

Camera Adjustments
You will most likely need to make a few camera adjustments to get the best shots. For example, if the graduate is wearing a black cap and gown, you will want to decrease the flash strength to avoid too much gray in the photo. You can strengthen the flash if the grad is wearing a white cap and gown to avoid overexposure. If the ceremony is outside, utilize the natural light and turn the flash off completely.

Grad 4

Wear the Cap and Gown
This is your grad’s time to shine and show off their accomplishment. They have completed a huge milestone in life! Encourage them to proudly wear their cap and gown in photos!

Grad 5Include the Diploma!
They have worked their tail off for that piece of paper. Give it some recognition too!

Grad 6

Change up your Expression
It is understandable that after more than a dozen photos, the graduate is bound to start shining the generic fake smile. It’s totally fine to snap serious and even silly shots. The perfect opportunity to capture heart-warming moments in a fun way.

Grad 7

Include Your Friends and Family
While it’s the graduate’s special day, it’s also a huge day for family members and friends too. Be sure to include them in pictures.

Grad 8Use the School as a Background
Take pictures in front of their favorite places on campus as the backdrop. Not only are they great backgrounds, but most buildings help provided the perfect amount of lighting and shade.

Grad 9Keep It Natural
While formal shots are always great, informal shots are more personable. The best shots are ones that are more natural; talking, crying, and smiling. Try not to pose or stage pictures in advanced. If you have to, try limiting them to just a few.

Grad 10This is the perfect time to go picture crazy. Capture everything because it’ll all be over before you know it.  And don’t forget to put those precious photos to good use by creating custom graduation cardsannouncements, and thank you cards!

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