Photo Clock

Have a lot of blank wall space that is in desperate need for some wall décor? Look no further! Throw out your traditional digital clock and get creative with this DIY photo clock! Turn your favorite prints into a fun and creative wall décor! This affordable DIY won’t leave a hole in your pocket and takes little time to put together. Follow our step by step guide on how to create this unique wall clock.

Photo Clock


12, 4×6 or smaller prints
12, 4×6 Frames (optional)
2 sheets of 18’ x 24’ white poster or tracing paper
12 nails
Blue Tape
Clock making kit (can be found at your local craft store)


Step 1
You first want to choose 12 of your favorite prints to display; this is probably the most difficult part of this project. But don’t worry, you can always swap out pictures whenever you want. Place them into the frames.
*Note: Photo clock can also be made without using frames.

Step 2
Plan out the layout of your clock design. Use the poster or tracing paper to arrange your frames in your desired positions. We recommend experimenting with pictures that are portrait and landscape views; this helps add dimension. Trace each frame after you have positioned them to your desired liking.

Step 3
Tape the tracing to the wall where you want the clock to be. Use this as a guide to hammer the nails at the top of each frame tracing. Tip: it is fine to nail through the paper, it will not be needed after this step.

Step 4
After you have all your nails in place, remove the paper and begin hanging your prints.

Step 5
Place the clock ticker in the middle and wa-la! You’re finished!



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