Photo Table Runner

This DIY photo table runner is an excellent conversation starter for your next get-together. A fun and creative way to use new and old prints to liven up any table. This photo table runner is great for dinner parties, wedding receptions, and even birthday parties.

Photo Table Runner

We know we’ve said it before, but this has to be our easiest DIY ever! Honestly this photo table runner is so easy to make, we’re not sure if directions are needed. There is no right way to do this other than assembling your pictures down the length of the table. Using double sided tape, paste all the images together. Since this DIY is so versatile, the shape of the runner is up to you. Try going for an organic approach, choosing pictures that fit in with one another. They can be color, black and white, small or large or both. The possibilities are endless. The runner can be as long or short as you want, but we recommend keeping it at the halfway point of the end of your table to avoid it from falling down. To ensure that it stays on the table, apply a few pieces of double sided tape on the back to paste down runner to the table.

Table Runner using Prints

Bonus idea! Once you’re done using it as a table runner, hang it on the wall as a special keepsake!

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