Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gift: Photo Balloon Chandelier

Happy Valentine’s Day! Oh wait, is that today? Yes we all know that V-Day happens on February 14th every year, but yet somehow it always seems to slip our minds. Now you find yourself scrambling to find the perfect last minute gift for your special someone. Rather than getting the typical box of chocolate and roses, try this think-out-of-the box Valentine’s Day gift idea, a Photo Balloon Chandelier.

Photo Balloon Chandelier

Valentine’s Day can be a pricey holiday, this photo balloon chandelier is an inexpensive way to show your love for your significant other. Create this easy, romantic gift using some of your favorite prints. If you’re short on time, this is the perfect gift for you. Download our Meijer App to quickly print your photos and pick up at any of our Meijer store locations. Add an extra special touch by attaching personalized hand-written messages on the back of each photo.

Instructions provided by Wedding Chicks


4×6 prints
5×7 card stock
Curling ribbon
12” helium filled balloons
Scissors & Hole punch
Double sided tape


Step 1
Place 4×6 photo in the center of the 5×7 card stock with double sided tape. Then punch a hole in the center of the card.

Step 2
Attach the curling ribbon to all of the photos.

Step 3
Take one of the completed photos and attach the other end of the curling ribbon to the balloon. The easiest way to do this is to create a loose knot already, then slip it over the end of the balloon and pull tight.

Step 4
Once all the balloons are complete, you are ready to hang them from the ceiling. Add a 1” strip of double sided tape to the top of each balloon. You can then create any shape chandelier you desire by sticking the balloons to the ceiling.


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