Heart Collage

A heart shaped collage is perfect for empty dorm room walls or just about any blank space screaming for wall décor. This super simple and easy print-spiration idea is a great way to display your favorite pictures of friends and family and not to mention a super budget-friendly décor with endless amounts of variations!

Heart Collage

Dorm rooms: a plain, dull, tiny space that you’re stuck with for the entire school year. The best part about a dorm is being able to decorate it however you want. Let your creativity flow with this decorative heart shaped collage. A great idea for the homesick student that wants to remanence in pictures of their loved ones or display their favorite memories with new friends. The most perfect way to personalize any room into your very own space.

Possibly one of our simplest and cheapest décor ideas, the only materials you need are prints and double sided tape. There are many ways you can put together your collage; with or without decal in the middle, large or small heart (depending on the size of your prints). There is not right or wrong with this décor idea, it’s totally open to you!

Tip: It’s easier to plan out the collage by arranging it on the ground and then sticking to wall.


*4×6 prints were used in these pictures*



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