Creative Shots: Valentine’s Day Theme

Each month we will bring you a special blog that we call ‘Creative Shots’. Think of it as a mix of technique and inspiration to get you to think out-of-the-box when it comes to photography. It’s our way of adding a creative twist to traditional photography.

Love is in the air! Get inspired with these cute, romantic creative shots! Be sure to check back in a few days to see how to creatively use these V-day themed pictures in some personalized gifts.

Get outside and embrace the winter snow. The perfect backdrop to make any color pop.

Valentine's Day Backdrop
Sometime the most creative ideas are the simplest ones.

Heart Prop

Add props. Valentine’s Day themed candy can be found at just about any store and even gas stations in the month of February. Here’s a tip, focus your shot on the prop, slightly blurring your background.

Candy Prop

Don’t forget the little ones! Valentine’s Day has a romantic association, but let’s not forget that it’s all about showing your love! Quite honestly they’re the most adorable part of the pictures!

Valentine's Day Theme-Kid

Bonus Idea!
DIY backgrounds. This simple background can be made with plain, white poster paper and small red hearts (different sizes) made out of contruction paper. Using double sided tape, paste hearts onto the poster paper and arrange into different directions. Ta-da! The perfect Valentine’s Day themed background!


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